Did I Hear That Right?

I have some good friends who left the States for long-term missions in India just about a month ago. I think of them often, sometimes when I’m baking cookies–wondering, Hmmm…when will they get to bake cookies there? Will they bake cookies there? Or, when I eat Indian food, knowing that over there, it’s just called food and there’s not the option of a nice, safe, bland turkey sandwich. I think about how hard it must be to adjust to a culture so different from ours, knowing that they have committed to this for the long haul.

Sometimes we can get bogged down with our own call, and maybe even question whether something was the right idea to begin with– when our road takes some twists, turns, blocks or looks like it will drop off altogether. I came across this verse the other day in Romans 11: 29,

“for God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable.”

So, the word “irrevocable” is pretty permanent, right? It’s downright intimidating and powerful at the same time. God isn’t calling us to the impossible because right along with His call are His gifts: his Gift of the Holy Spirit and along with that comes counsel. And on some of the hardest days, come friends–His hands and feet to help us accomplish that call.

Any thoughts on His call for your life? Any stories of what got you through your twists and drop-offs?

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