Awesome Giveaway #1

Hello Everyone!

Welcome first timers and welcome back to everyone else.

First order of business is my post, “Finding Myself in Ruth” over at Let me know what you think.

Secondly, today’s prize is this lovely photograph taken at Sprewell Bluff State Park, GA. It is being sponsored by photographer extraordinaire, William Haun.

William and his wife, Heidi have been good friends of mine for some time now and get my personal award for Most Creative Couple (the prize being a hug the next time I see you guys). I believe their son will be following their footsteps in someday.

You can learn about a few of their adventures on William’s site.

Here’s how you can enter to win this lovely work of art:

1) Follow me: click on the follow button on the left hand side of the screen and leave a comment=1 entry

2) You can also blog, tweet, or facebook about my blog and/or giveaway=another entry

If you’d like to see a bigger view of the picture, click on over to

And, if you don’t happen to win this time around, check out his other photos anyway, they are super affordable and make great gifts.

5 thoughts on “Awesome Giveaway #1

  1. yay! I loved your post over @ incourage. It's true, we have nothing to offer the Lord but our love and devotion. We come as empty vessels wanting to be filled and only He can do it. I love your blog and am so happy that you're writing it!


  2. Thanks to Heidi Haun for recommending this blog to me. Rachel, even though I don't know you I am super encouraged by your strength in the midst of struggles. I have had a super strange and rough year with a move to the middle of nowhere, away from my family and friends–and once here, we realized that the living situation and life we would lead would be more difficult than originally “advertised”. God is so good and uses such strange avenues to encourage me in my daily walk with Him. So thanks for the blog.

    Also, William is seriously insanely talented. My husband is a graphic designer and we are always looking at William's stuff thinking, “WHATTTT???? HOW did he DO that?!” 🙂


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