Awesome Giveaway #2

Hello Everyone, it is day #2 in the giveaway package. Today we will be offering a $30 Giftcard to Barnes & Noble. That’s right ladies and gents–$30!!

This gift is being sponsored by yet another lovely friend with an incredible blog. Kristen is a homeschooling mom who has taken her love and TALENT for crafts and sewing and amazing photography skills and transformed it into one of the most beautifully designed sites I’ve seen to date. And yes, she does a lot these crafts with her kids, so that means you don’t have to be a glue gun expert to at least TRY a few! Thank you, Kristen, for your generous gift, I’m sure a book lover out there will be forever indebted.

You may already know the rules to enter, but I’ll post them again just in case:

1) Follow me: click on the follow button on the left hand side of the screen AND leave a comment=1 entry

2) You can also blog, tweet, or facebook about my blog and/or giveaway AND leave a comment=another entry

Have fun, and Happy Monday!


Picture Licensed under Creative Commons by Manuela Hoffmann

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