Awesome Giveaway #3: Final Day

Thanks to all who have participated in the contest this far, I appreciate your comments and feedback. Hope this means you all will come back as often as you can.

So, this is it, the final day to win a wonderful little treat…as you can see, I will be giving away the devotional “Streams in the Desert”. I’ll be writing a mini-review on it for Friday, but until then, trust me, you’ll want to own your own copy. It’s beautiful.

The rules, one last time:

1) Follow me: click on the follow button on the left hand side of the screen AND leave a comment=1 entry

2) You can also blog, tweet, or facebook about my blog and/or giveaway AND leave a comment=another entry

Back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow!

One thought on “Awesome Giveaway #3: Final Day

  1. Hey you! Your blog is fantastic! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your journey. I know you've had a rough go of it to say the least, but it's evident you've come through it a stronger and even more beautiful person. I'm grateful to know you and that we were able to share an adventure together.

    I'm afraid I've fallen behind on my blog reading this past week, so I'm sorry I haven't participated in your awesome giveaways! (That William Haun photo especially caught my eye ;))I hope to follow you more regularly going forward. Keep up the great work friend!


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