Families that Look Different

My parents are lovely, wonderful, but sometimes I question their intentions. 
They are awesome about sending sweet packages in the mail to Allister and I—with some things,  though, books in particular, I have often wondered if they were giving a little nudge nudge too strongly.  For instance the Christmas after the separation I received “Do It Herself”, the fix-it book for strong, independent ladies around the house who need guidance unclogging their toilets.  Or, what about the time they sent me, in the midst of Little A’s terrible 2’s , “The Well-Behaved Child: Discipline that Really Works” or what about the book titled, “I’m your Parent not your Friend”—not sure if that was directed toward me, or Little A, either way, it’s pretty funny.  (BTW, I got rid of “Do It Herself”,  it was just too depressing.)  But, today they sent a gem with this kid’s book: “Love is a Family” by Roma Downey (of Touched by an Angel fame).  It’s a about a mom and her little girl.  The girl, more than anything, wants a “regular” family and often visits next door where her best friend has 6 brothers and sisters. 
They are having family fun night that evening at school and the little girl worries that because her family looks different, they’ll be singled out, but, come to find out, every other family there is just as “untraditional” as hers, some who live with grandparents, others are adopted…it ends, of course, with the little girl appreciating how unique and special their situation is.  The last page is a picture of the little girl all grown up combing her elderly mother’s hair, with the words,
“Mama, someday you’ll be old and I’ll be grown up,” said Lilly.  “And do you know who will brush your hair then?  It will be me.  And I’ll braid your hair for you and I’ll make sure the barrettes are even on both sides.  Because you and I will always be a family and we’ll always have love.” 
I got a little teary-eyed, and then we both laughed at the picture, because standing behind the grown up Lilly was a robot serving lemonade. 
Robot butlers in the future?  I’ll take it.

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