A Few Thoughts on Ruth-Part 1 of 3

In Sunday School last a few weeks ago, we discussed chapters 3 and 4 of the book of Ruth.  Upon concluding our talk, our leader pulled out the book, “Thirty-One Secrets of an Unforgettable Woman: Master Secrets from the Life of Ruth” by Mike Murdock and handed us a quick list of these 31 traits.  I can’t endorse the book as I’ve not read it, but I do appreciate the points contained therein, so I’m going to take the next few posts to highlight all 31, which I’ve broken down into 6 different categories and will be sharing them over the next couple of days.

You’ll find that a few of these will give you chill-bumps (at least they did for me) if they are particularly applicable to this time in your life.  Two of my favorites are in the Vision section.
You may able (by God’s grace) to pat yourself on your back when you recognize a strength in your life or maybe you’re left to take a few big gulps when you realize you’ve come up short on a some of these.  Ask God for the wisdom on how to do accomplish these things if they are traits you want to emulate.  He will give it to you (James 1: 5).  If there’s one or more you completely disagree with, then comment, I’d love to hear what you have to say!
Also, I’d like to add that there are a few points that refer specifically to Boaz.  If there isn’t a Boaz in your life right now and you’d like for there to be, pray for him.  If you are content without a Boaz, then replace the word “her man” with “God”.  And for you marrieds, welcome to the challenge J
1)   she was willing to go where she had never been to create something she never had
2)   she knew the success of her future depended on her departure from the past
3)   made her assignment an obsession
4)   she focused completely on the success of someone else
5)   she knew exactly what she wanted
6)   she discovered God can get anyone to you anywhere you are
7)   she knew that God never consults your past to decide your future
1)   she treated her mother-in-law better than seven sons would treat their mother
2)   she discovered someone is always observing you who is capable of greatly blessing you

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