A Few Thoughts on Ruth-Part 2 of 3

Welcome to part 2 of the series, highlighting points from this book.  I did want to share some personal thoughts, just how amazing God’s word is.  If there’s a detail: it’s important, underline it, put some stars, today’s date, etc. so that you can come back to it.  So many pictures of exceptional women in the Bible seem to  give the image of perfection, but that’s not necessarily true.  For instance, Martha was busy and distracted, both hers and her sister Mary’s faith faltered after the death of her brother, Sarah went along with her husband’s lie, Naomi asked that she be called “Mara” for bitter because of the deep hurt, loss,  and yes, bitterness that resided in her heart after almost her entire family was taken away. But that’s the beautiful thing about these women, THEY WEREN’T PERFECT.  Even as I share these amazing traits about Ruth, I don’t want you to think that she was perfect, sub-human, robotic.  
I’m sure so many of her thoughts revolved around, “What’s happening to me?”  
It’s ok to question, to feel bitter, to doubt, to mess up, why else did Jesus die for us?
Lastly, (and perhaps completely tangential) I want to share a point from a conversation with my sister-in-law the the other day.  Her thought was this: The way of the Holy Spirit will always be harder than the way of Satan.  We can be sure of it.  Just lean in, friends, and be sure that God’s going to give you the strength to take the harder way.
1) knowledgeable of the business of the man in her life
2) she was willing to make any changes necessary for the man in her life
3) she built a reputation of integrity, compassion and purity
4) she knew to whom she had been assigned
5) she was willing to pay any price necessary to stay in the presence of an extraordinary person
1) she knew when the season of her life were changing
2) she knew a good man when she saw one
3) she knew greatness when she got the in presence of it
4) she made wise decisions
5) she made decisions that always moved her life in the right direction
6) she understood the importance of timing, work schedules, and focus in the life of her man

2 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts on Ruth-Part 2 of 3

  1. Hey Rach–good stuff you've got here. I like the “she made decisions that always moved her life in the right direction” That's so hard for me sometimes. I tell you, though, for the past month or so, TJ and I have been getting up early every morning and praying together about specific things: our kids, their spouses, our future, and other things that friends ask us to pray for. We haven't felt any overwhelming sense of some crazy direction that God wants us to go…but for now we're listening…and if He calls us, we'll hear and obey. Love you


  2. thanks for that, Cami, I've heard it put really beautifully recently that it's about taking the little tiny steps that God wants us to do that get us there: laundry, cooking, being kind to our children…it's so hard when we don't see the bigger picture of what all that yields, but eventually you will…and there will probably be some big things in between


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