Thoughts on Ruth-Part 3 of 3

Hello, all you lovely people.  It makes me sad to think that this concludes this short series on Ruth.  I hope whatever I’ve been able to share over the last few days has been an encouragement to you. 
Reading through this list again, I can think of friends who exhibit each one of these traits to a “t”.  
Those that are awesome about sending thank-yous, those who’ve got a fire in their belly and won’t give up, those who will speak their mind no matter what the cost–and possibly make you laugh in the meantime.  I’m sure you’ve got those people running through your brains right now.  Thank God for them and the challenges they present in your life to be like them.  It’s been great sharing this time with you and thanks for hanging in there with me.  Ah, lest I miss giving credit where it is due, again, these traits of Ruth were taken from this book.
Hey, if you come back tomorrow, I might just post one more Ruth teaser.  Happy reading!
1)  thankful and appreciative
2) she was persistent
3) protected the reputation of another rather than destroying it
4) she was accessible, agreeable, and aggressive
5) she embraced her assignment without anyone to encourage her [trailblazer!!]
6) she respected the mentorship of an older and more experience woman
7) she was honest and open about her needs and her poverty
8) she was bold about her desires and communicated them clearly to others
1) she cooperated with the local customs and protocol
2) she was serious about her work
3) she found that productive men are responsive to productive women

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