Fundraising, Small Beginnings, and God’s Mathematics

As promised, I wanted to post a little update on “A Night for Orphans.”  Overwhelming success?  It depends on what you count as overwhelming–but a success nonetheless.  We raised about $550 towards a new duplicating machine for Adacar, had one child sponsored, and when it was all said and done and I learned A LOT.  About not relying on myself, on who and how to look to for help and once again, how amazing friends are to support you in your endeavors, and if you pour your heart into something and you share it, that’s all that matters anyway.

Time: 7:15ish pm, April 5th, 2013

The setting: All Souls Fellowship

The actors: One Nervous Organizer who has just come from the bathroom where she had been on her knees praying in the big stall that this night would be a success.

Enter stage left: Nervous Organizer, approaches evening’s MC and says, “Well, let’s get this party started.”  This may or may not have been the exact words out of the N.O.’s mouth and the Kind MC very nervously smiles and says, looking around at the small number of attendees and people trickling in, “It’s gonna be ok, it’s gonna be great.”  This is when N.O.’s heart sinks just a smidgen for half a millisecond and she decides that courage, fortitude, and blind ignorance is the best dress for the final performance.  N.O. gets texts:

-Sorry, I’m sick.

-Sorry, I just can’t make it tonight.

-What was the address again?

It’s ok, N.O. (N.O. is me) takes deep breathes and Sacred Harp starts singing and it is beautiful and it comes from the heart and it is earnest and I am reminded why they gather to sing together as often as they can because something about it it soul-healing…and the rest of the evening, really goes off without a hitch, and I am grateful.  And just like other events in my life, I think, “Whoo-hoo!  Wait, it’s over already?  How can that be?” Somebody take a picture.  And why can’t I have that time-out power that Zack had on Saved By the Bell so I could freeze time for just one minute to savor the moment?

I believe God’s purposes were accomplished no matter the numbers.  I’ve seen clearly that God’s mathematics never, ever make sense, but turn out to be so much better than my own.

And here was the best text I got that night:

Don’t be discouraged.  God uses small beginnings.

Zachariah 4:10 (NLT) Do not despise these small beginnings for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin.

Care to share a time that things didn’t turn out exactly how you had planned but turned out to be the start of something amazing?


2 thoughts on “Fundraising, Small Beginnings, and God’s Mathematics

  1. hmmm…we waited for two years to receive a referral for our little one. seemed like such a long wait when i didn't understand it. but her arrival was perfect and God knew that.

    thanks for what you're doing for the orphan cause. i believe it's the start of something amazing, too.


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