VBS, Exhaustion, and Playground Evangelism

I spent this past week helping out at VBS at my church when I wasn’t working.

Oh. My. Goodness.

I have to say that our staff and volunteers get about a gazillion gold stars.  This was my first time volunteering for VBS and it was great–and exhausting.  By the time Wednesday night church rolled around, all I could do is allow free play for a good part of the night and hope that most of the wooden blocks stayed on the ground while the other volunteer and I exchanged glances that were heavy with, “I’m just too tired…”

All that to say is that it’s an amazing privilege to watch kids soak up to word of God, retain it, and take joy in applying it.  And even before I got through the week, I got this sweet little reminder of WHY we do this.  I was at the playground early one morning and this little kid can up to me and just started talking at me a mile a minute.  I quickly found out that Jeremiah was five, it was his uncle on the cell phone sitting at the picnic table watching him,  that he and this kid, Karl, who comes to the playground in the morning have a love/hate relationship (sure enough, Karl came buy a few minutes later with his toy plane and basically ignored Jeremiah) and that he was expecting a baby brother  in a few months and really excited about the prospect.  I’m not sure how it came about, but I started talking to him about Jesus, it just kinda popped out of my mouth, maybe because he told me that his name was in the Bible, and that was my segue into how cool the Bible is and how it teaches us about God’s Son.  A few minutes later, Jeremiah said, “We learn about the Lord in my school, ” and proceeded to bow his little head, close his eyes and put his hands together and recited the Lord’s Prayer perfectly.  All I could say was “Wow.” with tears in my eyes, I thought to myself, “How can I get Little A into that school?”  It was  beautiful and for a few seconds I felt like I was standing on holy ground.  Fast forward to Thursday and I was talking and praying with two friends and they reminded me that that was Christ there, right next to me, on a park bench.  And when they put it into those terms and said, “Let’s pray for Jeremiah,” I realized what a privilege we have to witness the holy in the every day, the entirely sacred in the midst of the ordinary, all brought about by chatty little kid named Jeremiah.

Where have you witnessed the sacred amidst the the common this week?

Highlights from the week:

-In the middle of our story about Paul and Silas and the big ole earthquake shaking their jail cell, the church’s fire alarm went off and one of the kids was convinced it was an earthquake.
-Getting to have ‘nilla wafers with the kids at 10:30 am and not feeling guilty about it
-Brenda being totally stoked about memorizing Hebrews 13:6 and saying it over and over and over again 🙂

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