The Beauty of Scars

Photo Credit quapan’s  by Creative Commons

Scars invite people to look at you differently, sometimes they are visible and sometimes they’re not, when they are, and when someone takes the time to get to know you and see how far you’ve come, they see you as a listening ear, a word of encouragement or someone who can offer a piece of advice.

Scars indicate to you what you’ve been through–how God miraculously healed you through that accident, heartbreak or time of terrible sickness.

Scars spur you on because if you can look down and see what God has physically brought you through, you will reach for even greater heights, be more vulnerable and actively seek out those challenges you never thought you could meet on your own.

Scars are the most beautiful marks one can carry because they show life, they display to you that:

#1 life is worth living, getting out of bed, and pressing into the pain
#2 wisdom is worth gravitating toward because people look for wear and tear–kinda like examining a house’s foundation before purchasing it, we see the cracks, and we make the investment
#3 though the scars, we are healed

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