When Processing Law and Grace

So, I just finished reading this book recently, and I have to say it’s pretty great.  We all may, at one point or another may have tried to make obedience to God’s laws super-complicated, or may have even asked the harder question of “What role does the law play in my life now that  we are living under a gospel of grace?”

I know I have.

Recently, I’d already come to a few convictions recently on what certain commandments look like in my life, or more precisely what breaking certain commandments have looked like, so I felt like this came at a good time.  As a writer and an introvert, I can get into my head too much and some of my thinking and behavior becomes pharisaical without me even realizing it. For instance, I got to a point a few weeks ago that I was just overwhelmed with the enormity of what obedience to God in a particular area of my life could mean going forward, my heart was heavy for days, I was weepy and I came to church on a Friday night needing to talk to somebody, anybody and I did and it helped–and a hug from near stranger helped too.  The problem was, I was trying to figure out God’s timing for what He was telling me to do on my own and I had to step back and realize that yes, this is what God is telling me, it’s consistent with His word, even the calling He’s laid on my heart, but that doesn’t mean I have to do it tomorrow or even next week. 

In the meantime, he has other instructions that I can do now.  Things, I’m certain will prepare me for that bigger task down the road.  All that to say, the law convicts, sets us on a straight path and protects us, really, but it is grace that gives us realization that following the law is something was absolutely cannot do on our own, after all, before Christ came, even when people came to the temple to offer sacrifices, they had a high priest acting on their behalf.  The wonderful part about this is that WE have a great high priest in Jesus Christ–the final high priest.   That’s the part that calms my heart.
I love the fact that this pastor and writer makes the final chapter in his book all about Law and Gospel.  He makes the point that God is the Judge of all the earth, and that he is also the Sovereign Ruler who extends to us mercy and pardon. AND he extends his help and grace to allow us to live righteous lives according to his law. 
Why do we insist on doing it ourselves?

3 thoughts on “When Processing Law and Grace

  1. I think it's the balance that we need to keep in mind. God is neither just the judge of all the earth nor just the giver of mercy and pardon. When one get this balance out of whack, one can either fear Him excessively, or seek for over permissiveness… and of course I need to rely on Him to get this balance right! thanks for introducing the book!


  2. Thanks for your perspective, you're right, it is a delicate balance, and I'm sorry to say I find I seem to allow to allow that fear of judgement to control me, I think that's why I wanted to shares these thoughts…


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