The Danger of Isolation and What We Can Learn From a Prophet-Part 3 of 3

photo by Creative Commons Lokesh_Dhakar

This week I began sharing about my struggle with learning how to lean on people again, (finding safe people, I believe is the trick and I believe God will give us the discernment in this area if we ask), I began sharing how I came to this realization through Elijah’s own “lone wolf” mentality:


…the Heavenly Father comes to Elijah like a good father would come to his son, tenderly, patiently, with love: in a gentle whisper, reassuring Elijah, that he is listening and he does love him and that he wants him to keep going.

God is listening, but he doesn’t allow Elijah to wallow, because he has very specific plans and instructions for him, instructions to get help, to anoint kings and to anoint Elisha as his successor. 
Here, God is bringing Elijah into a new phase, unlike those times of past, he is now asking him to enter a time a communion, fellowship and mentorship.
From all of this, I get these two things: that rest is essential and so is community.  God calls us to big things.  HUGE things in fact, but he also offers rest, and in Elijah’s case, he had to be reminded how important community and fellowship needed to be in his life.
We know that Elijah saw himself as a lone wolf and in fact he was, because the words “and I am the only one left” come twice in his conversation on the mountain with God.  Not only has he felt the physical strain of standing up to his enemies being threatened and subsequently running about 250 miles, he is tired and lonely–lonely for a fellow worker to convince him that though he wore animal skins and a leather belt (2 Kings 1:8) and seemed more than just a little crazy, he was not alone. 
We have to hold on to who God is, and in order for us to remain refreshed and encouraged we must seek out the body of believers.  It’s a lesson that I’m learning and one I’ve really had to apply this last year.    I am not, you are not crazy.  There are other people out there wearing animal fur and preaching the word of the Lord, or in my case, there are other single moms out there who are trying to hold fast to the Word of God and make sure their children are too.  I had to place myself in a single mom’s Sunday school class, remain in a Bible study, and be vulnerable with people I knew I could trust and whom I knew I would see every week.  Community doesn’t have to be people in your exact life situation, but it helps to have people who know where you are coming from, at least, that’s were I’ve felt the safest.
Yes, community is sticky and can sometimes get ugly and is, but is oftentimes very beautiful too.  Group dating is the bigger picture, it’s about recognizing your gifts, offering them to those around you and if they sometimes get thrown back into your face, trampled on, or ignored, that’s ok, you still need these people anyway.  We do not grow in isolation, we cannot experience the highs of victory, nor can we face the intimidating giants of trials in isolation, we need to know that we have friends supporting and loving us, bringing our requests on the Father’s behalf in more objective ways than our own to know that no, we are not the only ones left. 

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