Setting The Lonely in Families

They say that the holidays can be the highest time for depression.  I get that.  When everyone else has plans, is busy running to and fro’, it’s easy to forget those people who don’t have “their people” around.

Enter some of my best friends here in ATL.

Myles is one of Little A’s oldest and dearest friends.  Every single picture I have with the two of them their arms are squeezing the life juices out of each other, it’s this special chemistry that I just can’t put my finger on, except to say that they are both extraordinary and loving kids (no bias here).

All that to say, Myles’ mom is one of my best friends too and that helps.  She is as sweet as they come and she invited us to come be a part of their menorah lighting tradition.  It was awesome and a little magical and I am so thankful to God for their family.  Our time ended with a few rounds with the dredel and Hot Cross Buns on the family keyboard.

What can you do this season to bring someone into your circle?  Or, how have you been included by someone else in the past?

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