Feeding Baby and God’s Blessings

Creative Commons by hepinkpeppercorn
So, I have the privilege of having one of the most amazing jobs ever.  I’m a nanny.  I’ve been with two amazing little girls the last year or so and it’s been an incredibly joyful, growing experience, and while I’ve been through all this business with Little A, it’s equally as cool to go through teething, liquids, solid, potty training and time-outs with someone else’s and the beauty of it is, there is still so much to learn. 

Every. Day.
The baby is now almost 16 mos. and of course we’ve been on solids for quite some time.  Their dad has got some pretty cool kid tricks, one of which is meting out the baby’s food.  Give her a pile of Cheerios, they’ll probably end up on the floor, but give her a few at a time or one or two pieces of her sandwich at time and now we’re workin’.  She eats it, minimal amounts are fed to the trashcan beast and the floor stays relatively clean.  It’s a win-win. 
And, as we were sitting in the park the other day enjoying our lunch on a cloudy day, and I was measuring out the baby’s turkey sandwich to her, it hit me. 
This is God. 
He knows exactly what we need, in exactly the right quantities and He gives us what we need when we need it. 
We can’t get huffy. 
We shouldn’t grow impatient.  He KNOWS that if we’re given exactly what we want in exactly the quantities we want it, we’ll squander it–big time.  His gifts will end up on the floor, wasted. But we have to–we CAN trust him.  This goes back to everything in life, but what I’m driving at right now and what I’m personally trying to understand right now are the desires of my heart.  I want big things, but they haven’t come just yet.  God is still pruning me, getting me ready and measuring out exactly what I need…
Anything you’ve desired but haven’t seen come to fruition just yet?  Ask God to show the areas you need to grow in to prepare you to receive that blessing and know that this is a learning process…Feel free to share how you’ve seen this work in your own life.

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