Miss Julie and the Kingdom Conversation

She is exactly 20 years my senior.  This woman has become my second mother while my first is approximately 560 miles away. She stood there with tears in her eyes telling me what it meant to plant seeds in little hearts Sunday after Sunday, to seize that one-year window to tell them about Jesus and tackle the hard theological questions in between the disciplining and the crackers and water and bathroom breaks and art rotation–that teeny, tiny little 15 minutes we get to tell children how much the Creator of this Universe loves their mushy hearts and wants all of our big people hearts to be mushy too. This is the life of a teacher: you wonder what is getting through and if you perchance peer into their ears, you may see something besides the hair in their ears–please?? And then you have these bright and shining moments where a little blonde girl comes up to you and explains that she accepted Jesus into her heart the other night and you feel like the rug has been swept up out from under you because you never realized that the seed you planted the year before with the craft made of dye cut Bible people and popsicle sticks ever actually took root. 

But it did. 
Miss Julie and I stood there and cried together because she mentioned the importance of giving and giving especially when you didn’t have anything left to give and if somebody touched you with a feather you’d tip over or burst into tears or both.  Matthew’s account (chapters 8 & 9) of Jesus portrays it like he didn’t even stop, because after he calms the storm and arrives at the other side of the region of Gadarenes, he casts out demons.  And after Jesus arrived in a boat in his hometown, he healed a paralytic and “from there” he recruits Matthew, maybe it seems like he didn’t stop because he didn’t.  And isn’t it written there aren’t enough volumes to contain everything that Jesus said and did in those three years? (John 21:25)
And here we are with a little to-do list of ten items that we just can’t seem to get accomplished in just one day: but here’s the important part: Jesus was saving lives, he was getting to know people, he was having dinner with his friends and he was praying–a lot.  And so we may not get to those ten items, or even those three, but if we are sowing into a kingdom then there really is only one thing to do each day:

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