To Adacar Day 5

It’s been three years and it seems like I’m meeting him for the first time. We hugged and I showed him the picture album I had prepared and he signed his way through it. My team member, Maddie knows sign language. The three of us sat down together and he read my letter. Word by word, sentence by sentence he signed his thoughts as he read.
He said:
You are a strong woman for traveling all this way.
You are a great mom.
I’ve missed you and couldn’t wait to see you.
I love my school and even though it is a deaf school it is a normal school.
You are like a mother to me.

And as we sat under the spreading tree out of the sun I cried and cried and cried.

This boy has my heart.

2 thoughts on “To Adacar Day 5

  1. hurray! you made it! enjoy lots of sweet moments there! have you got the chance to show Martin this blog? I bet you he'll be so proud of ya!


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