Debriefing Uganda, OR God’s Got This

Decompressing, catching up on sleep, the digestive system I think (I hope) returning to normal and finally some time to reflect on what just happened in Adacar.  If I had to some it up in just one word, I’d pick hope.
Hope in the smiles of the boys and girls who are growing, getting stronger, bigger, smarter, sweeter with each passing day.
Hope in the caretakers and cooks who have jobs, are seeing more of their own children being sponsored, who now have money to take home.
Hope in the community with more and more adults showing up, saying “thank you,” making plans for future improvements around the Carepoint.
Hope in the faces of the teenage girls and boys that know they can keep going if they work hard enough.
And one of the biggest, hopeful-est things is that God’s got this, it is all completely in his hands, including Martin.  He’s a young man now, he’s got opinions and expressed them about lots of stuff,  including the pictures we took with the Polaroid of the kids at the Carepoint (he somehow ended  up with two for himself), like any teenager, he misses his family while he’s away, he get annoyed at kids staring at him while he’s signing, he wanted a sweatshirt and looked super cool in the black one that Scott on our team gave him.
He’s 17 now.  He’s growing up.  I believe he has a prayer life with God that goes way deeper than I’ve ever known because they have their own language, the two of them–and one of these days, I’ll know better how to communicate when we meet again, notice I said, “when” not “if.” Why?  Because God’s got this.
My sister is getting ready to move from PA to NY, her life has been in flux over the last few years, but being in a new location for about two years, she was able to form this really amazingly close God-centered relationship with this woman and disciple her.  This friend just recently told my sister that she wanted to rededicate her life to Christ.  It’s moments like these that we sit back in awe and realize just how BIG God is and how perfect his plans are and that it’s true, we don’t know how the kingdom of God grows, only He does–and it does, it’s like how the planets keep revolving around the sun, or how we always have enough food to eat. 
We can’t figure it out, but we just sit back and we are thankful. 

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