You Give Them Something to Eat

There is something simple and unassuming about Luke’s account of the feeding of the 5,000.  To me, the whole story begins with Jesus’ words:
You give them something to eat.
Here we are waiting for a miracle, for the earth to split open for it to swallow all the bad people whole, to rescue the abused, the fatherless, to make sense of all of this nonsense, when the answer lies in us:
You give them something to eat.
We wait for our friend to accept Christ, for the marriage to repair itself, for the child in the wheelchair to start walking, but we miss the real miracle of this friend watching you live out a real faith that is genuine and steady and faithful–Godgives the increase. 
There is the marriage that may never be glued back together, but the family whose Maker and Husband is the same.
There is the testimony of the father who tirelessly wheels his son up to the preschool teacher’s door Sunday after Sunday as it opens to give God’s gift of love hidden under the over sized cardboard blocks and between the plastic foods circa 1982.

You wait for the miracle as you drive past women who wait strategically next to budget hotels, abandoned gas stations and sex shops, some so frozen by what they have done time and time again, that they don’t look at a new morning with the hope that others have.

You give them something to eat.
You, yes you, the person who sees and feels their limitations day after day, their lack of pedigree, education or experience, the one who could use a little self-esteem boost.
You give themsomething to eat.
Finally, we can give and give until our well runs dry, until we have to stand back and ask the question: Who am I doing this for?  Me? Them? God?
You give them somethingto eat.
Something that will not bring riches as we know it, fame or recognition, but the bread, the bread of life–John 5:35: I am the bread of life.  Whoever comes to me will never go hungry…

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