Another Conversation with Miss Julie

Ok, so we know that nothing happens outside of God’s mighty hand, so when I ran into Miss Julie the other night at church, I knew once again that this was a God-appointment.  I hadn’t seen her in a few weeks, and that’s unusual, so of course she had been on my mind.  We ran into each other in the hall, right after I had finished my sign language class.
Sometimes I feel like if there was a fly on the wall during any one of our conversations that that fly would be sitting there scratching his buggy-multi-eyed head.  It’s almost like we speak in code, because we get it.  We want to see His kingdom come, we want to see His will be done and we want it, especially, in the lives of children. 
Me: I’m taking a sign language class!
M.J.: How wonderful and what a coincidence, I just asked Mr. Smith* (one of the guys who is an interpreter in the deaf section of our church) to come into our class and teach us the signs for “Jesus Loves Me.” 
She did the sign for Him.  Her head tilted and looked up to the ceiling and her hands came close together in front of her face and pointed in the same direction that her eyes were gazing.  Then she showed me the sign for weak: left hand out and palm up with the right hand, fingers down and tips resting on the palm with the fingers buckling back and forth like little weak knees.  And the tears filled my eyelids and things got quiet and we stood there, on the brink of waterworks because that is just how our interactions usually are. 
Here we are on this planet, little weak knees, trembling in the hand of an Almighty God who is simply asking us to look up to him and stay focused there. 
Yes, Jesus Loves Us.
*name changed

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