The Words of My Mouth

(Inspired by Proverbs 10)

Lord Jesus, may the words of my mouth:
-always reflect your commands
-be a fountain that refreshes another’s spirit
-reflect a heart and mind that is discerning
-be prudent, withholding words when needed
-be like choice silver: of utmost worth, sought after and valued
-nourish many, bringing new life to every person within earshot
-flow with the fruit of righteousness
-find favor even in the stickiest situations
There was an incident in the park yesterday, or, what could have been an incident, and somehow, in the midst of ugly words and worthless chatter, the Holy Spirit took over.
I said nothing.
It took everything I had, but I said nothing and as I drove away, I thanked God, for in that very moment, with four little sets of ears listening and four sets of eyes watching,

I said nothing.