Heart is Where the Home Is

Nature Heart

Sometimes, most times, we don’t understand why things happen, the loss of a job, the sudden death of a loved one, infertility, divorce. We try to parse it out, we cling to Romans 8:28 but it doesn’t take the ache away. We give up and we want to quit and bury our heads under the covers and moan and cry and act out and make it all the things disappear. And that’s ok sometimes, but I think that God has a practical balm for that…


They say that home is where the heart is, and if that’s the case, my second home is in a tiny little town in South Carolina, where the soil is sandy and the people are friendly, and lots of them have just one name–and here resides my friend Cami, her husband and her four little beautiful, whip-smart children.

This little town has been the site of many a gathering: New Year’s Eve, a wedding shower, birthdays. Her beautiful white house sits stolidly on one of the main routes shooting through town and has a wrap-around porch that fits your foot like a bedroom slipper.

The house has been on the market now for almost six months and part of me doesn’t want it to sell because haven’t we all been busy making memories here in the kitchen and dining room and the trampoline for the last 8 years? In the back is Pauly Girl, their old Golden Retriever and a new addition to the family, another Golden, Poseidon, in honor of her oldest being really, really into Greek Mythology these days…


And it is here that we all hug and laugh and cry and eat and play the telephone game and watch babies crawl and kids fuss at each other, the girls tell secrets and if the husbands aren’t too weirded out or bored sometimes they stick around too.

This is where part of my heart has healed and become whole again, sure it took a lot of different pieces and places to make that happen, but this too, this house, these friends that I have had now for 19 years, the ones, who, without any question will love and support and pray–we come not for the house, but we come because our Cami opens it up to us.

Did I mention she grew up here in this town?

Did I mention we’ve all grown up a little here?

This weekend, one of our friends that she had a dream about this town: that it was different, way different, it was full of castles with bridges that connected the castles. So maybe, just maybe one day we’ll all have castles here in K-town. That means we have only to step out our front door, and grab a couple of our friends on our way to see our friend with the biggest, coolest castle, the one with the drawbridge down waiting for visitors…

What does home mean to you?


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