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Hi I’m Rachel and I’m glad you’ve stopped by for a visit.

I grew up in a Christian family, my parents had me in Sunday school every week.  I memorized Bible verses for camp scholarships, was a sash-carrying member of Pioneer Clubs as a girl and attended Christian school all the way through.  One time a teacher described me as “very wholesome” and jokingly asked if I had cookies and milk before bedtime.

Yes. That.

My faith was always a part of me, my mother would read books to me about Joni Earekson Tada and other amazing heroes that seemed so far removed and so their faith so unattainable.  Here’s what separated me from them:  I truly was a Christian growing up, I professed my faith in Jesus Christ at the age of 5, but it wasn’t until my sudden separation from my husband, did the rubber meet the proverbial road.

When I had nothing else but the promises of God’s Word to heavy-rest my weary head and heart in, did I actually get it: God loves us.  Unfathomably, beautifully, always.  And so as I hunkered down, morning, noon and night to try to figure out the broken pieces of my little family in the light of God’s word, I found that the Bible wasn’t just a book of virtues.  It is a book of promises from a loving Father who will never leave us.  It is a book of stories that can be read time and again that will pose new truths every time.  But they are not just stories.  Just like the account of Joni, these were lived, breathed, tested and true testimonies of men and women just like us who were scared, ran the other way, chose to make money, success, power, lust, their gods.

Like us.  Like me.

And we learn that just like them, we are redeemed.

So you may find a helpful hint or two here every now and then, but what you’ll mostly find is me with a thankful heart that God is once more transforming me into His BEST.

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